#019 Happy Mama with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz – Special Guest

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Here’s what we covered in this episode: Amy’s journey into motherhood from successful journalist at the ABC to now a mama of 3. Identity loss when we become mothers Realistic Meditation Mindfulness Amy’s upcoming work and so much more! Head to Amy’s website to find her: https://www.happymama.com.au/about/ She also is on Facebook & Instagram and has an amazing weekly podcast called ‘Happy Mama Movement with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz’ As always, if you need any help in picking a baby carrier or getting assistance with the one you…Continue Reading “#019 Happy Mama with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz – Special Guest”

#018 Up To Date Forward-Facing Guide

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Forward facing has changed a lot over the last few years. It was once very sub-optimal but now can be enjoyed safely and comfortably. Join Brooke in this episode to discuss!

#017 Combining Babywearing and Exercise with Special Guest Kangatraining Australia

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In this episode Brooke speaks about combining exercise and babywearing in the postnatal period. She covers precautions that should be taken in regards to postnatal recovery, hormones, pelvic floor etc, and that exercise should remain low impact while you are carrying a child. She shares her experience as a Kangatraining Instructor and a Healthy Mummy Trainer. Kylie Conway from Kangatraining Australia joins the podcast to chat all about Kangatraining- Enjoy!

#016 What Shoes and Baby Carriers Have in Common

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In this episode, Brooke shares about what shoes and baby carriers have in common… mainly to do with variety, pricing, quality, and purpose. She talks about what to do when someone asks if you really need another/different baby carrier, and how to choose one that’s comfortable and works for your situation.

#015 The Trials and Tribulations of Carrying a Toddler

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Two mamas talk about their journey of babywearing their children from newborn… right up to toddlerhood (and beyond). They share their favourite toddler carriers, the challenges, and joys of toddler wearing, and tips for anyone who might be about to experience it for themselves.

#014 Babywearing & Breastfeeding With Special Guest Amberley Harris

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Here’s what we covered in this episode: General rule: babywearing and breastfeeding are two separate skills. Master your breastfeeding first and feel confident with babywearing, then try combining them Breastfeeding while babywearing comes with stacks of benefits for mums: Convenient while out and about Can be a discreet feeding option Makes a quiet space for your baby even in a busy environment Multitasking Saves time if you’re in a rush It comes with a bunch of benefits of baby too: The movement while feeding can…Continue Reading “#014 Babywearing & Breastfeeding With Special Guest Amberley Harris”

#013 Why Are Our Babies So Clingy?

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Here’s what we covered in this episode: Mum-life update since our last chat: Brooke has welcomed Axel, little brother for Elanor, and Angela has welcomed Sebastian, little brother for Nathaniel. Update on what’s happening on the podcast for 2018. You can expect one episode a month of high quality content in between our full time mum roles! If you’re in shock with your Velcro baby, this episode is for you. A lot of mums aren’t prepared for babies to be so physically and emotionally dependent…Continue Reading “#013 Why Are Our Babies So Clingy?”

#012 Premie and Twin Babywearing with Special Guest Natalie Esguerra

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Here’s what we covered in this episode: Introducing Natalie Esguerra, or Mummy Nat as she is known on Instagram, babywearing mama to beautiful twin baby girls who arrived prematurely at 31 weeks and are now aged 1.5 years. Being a young mum and how that changes your life and priorities. Why babywearing became a necessity at home with both babies wanting to be held at the same time and not having the hospital staff around to help anymore. Her first introduction to babywearing was when…Continue Reading “#012 Premie and Twin Babywearing with Special Guest Natalie Esguerra”

#011 How to Spot a Fake Carrier

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Here’s what we covered in this episode: All the reasons you need to avoid buying a fake carrier Situations where a fake carrier is more likely to come up Tips to spot a fake carrier (subtle differences between the legit and the fake version) How to avoid buying a fake if you’re getting a carrier secondhand Some quick budget-friendly tips so you don’t have to compromise on quality or risk a fake carrier What to do if you come across a fake carrier Trust your…Continue Reading “#011 How to Spot a Fake Carrier”

#010 Babywearing On A Budget – Part 2 of 2

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Here’s what we covered in this second episode in our series “Babywearing on a Budget”: Why you don’t need ANY carriers at all How to make do with just one baby carrier Why two (or even more) baby carriers might be useful for you Tips to keep your collection small without compromising on comfort/practicality Tips to avoid getting addicted or falling too deep down the rabbit hole Always remember to focus on what’s important: close (hands-free) cuddles with your baby, not the size of your…Continue Reading “#010 Babywearing On A Budget – Part 2 of 2”