Here’s what we covered in this episode: Brooke and Angela’s pregnancy/babywearing journeys so far Why we are dedicating some time and energy to prepping our carriers ahead of time before our babies arrive What’s in our collections for our new squishes and why (plus what we’re still using with our toddlers) Some of the thing we’re doing to get ready What to expect from the podcast while we’re on maternity leave (we’ll be back before you know it!). You can expect our next season to…Continue Reading “#013 Prepping for a New Baby”

Here’s what we covered in this episode: Introducing Natalie Esguerra, or Mummy Nat as she is known on Instagram, babywearing mama to beautiful twin baby girls who arrived prematurely at 31 weeks and are now aged 1.5 years. Being a young mum and how that changes your life and priorities. Why babywearing became a necessity at home with both babies wanting to be held at the same time and not having the hospital staff around to help anymore. Her first introduction to babywearing was when…Continue Reading “#012 Premie and Twin Babywearing with Special Guest Natalie Esguerra”

Here’s what we covered in this episode: All the reasons you need to avoid buying a fake carrier Situations where a fake carrier is more likely to come up Tips to spot a fake carrier (subtle differences between the legit and the fake version) How to avoid buying a fake if you’re getting a carrier secondhand Some quick budget-friendly tips so you don’t have to compromise on quality or risk a fake carrier What to do if you come across a fake carrier Trust your…Continue Reading “#011 How to Spot a Fake Carrier”

Here’s what we covered in this second episode in our series “Babywearing on a Budget”: Why you don’t need ANY carriers at all How to make do with just one baby carrier Why two (or even more) baby carriers might be useful for you Tips to keep your collection small without compromising on comfort/practicality Tips to avoid getting addicted or falling too deep down the rabbit hole Always remember to focus on what’s important: close (hands-free) cuddles with your baby, not the size of your…Continue Reading “#010 Babywearing On A Budget – Part 2 of 2”

Here’s what we covered in this episode: Is babywearing essential? (No, but it sure is useful and beneficial!) Are other conventional baby items like prams essential? Are baby carriers actually expensive? What goes into a baby carrier to make it cost *so* much? How to babywear on a budget (secondhand, budget brands, borrowing) The importance of researching, trying before you buy, or speaking to a consultant to maximise value for money! To find out more about Brooke Maree (babywearing consultations, baby carrier goodies & more),…Continue Reading “#009 Babywearing on a Budget – Part 1 of 2”

Here’s what we covered in this episode: Angela’s babywearing journey – how she’s used it in parenting her two kids Wearing her babies when working as a doula, photographer, cleaning, out and about, and around the home How she encourages her clients (new parents) to try out babywearing with her own collection on hand Wearing her babies when travelling nationally and internationally – how babywearing gave them calmness and security and a place to sleep Tandem wearing and carrier combinations for her kids Introducing her…Continue Reading “#008 Angela Gallo – Special Guest”

Here’s what we covered in this episode: Some of the common activities you should avoid (or be very cautious) doing when babywearing Our personal experiences and near misses Some things you CAN do while babywearing Safety tips The importance of following your instincts and intuition To find out more about Brooke Maree (babywearing consultations, baby carrier goodies & more), head to or join us on Facebook at Read our blog post on things to avoid doing while babywearing here:   Article on…Continue Reading “#007 What NOT To Do While Babywearing”

Here’s what we covered in this episode: Many parents or caregivers give up on babywearing after their child fusses in the carrier, but it doesn’t have to be that way Examples from Brooke and Angela when their babies have protested being worn and what they did Main reasons your baby or toddler might not want to be worn in the moment and what to do about them The importance of persevering! Where to get help To find out more about Brooke Maree (babywearing consultations, baby…Continue Reading “#006 Why Your Baby is Cranky in the Carrier”

Here’s what we covered in this episode: Our experiences with newborns and sleep Being touched out The many, many phases of babies/toddlers/parenting The feelings of guilt that come up because sleeping in the carrier isn’t “mainstream” Getting reassurance from other babywearing parents that this IS normal! The biological norms of sleep Some unexpected benefits of allowing your baby to sleep in the carrier People who have expressed their concern about baby sleeping in the carrier – how to respond Do what works for you and…Continue Reading “#005 Sleep Guilt While Babywearing”

Here’s what we covered in this episode: Introducing special guest Jen Brown from Global Tapestry Jen’s background in corporate, leading into her first ventures in small business (vomit bags!!!) How she first learned of babywearing and how it affected her early experiences of parenting How she came up with the Inoshi baby carrier design The trial, error, and prototyping process What it’s like starting a babywearing business – stepping out of your comfort zone Babywearing safety standards, laws, and testing Upcoming new product for Global…Continue Reading “#004 Jen Brown (Global Tapestry) Special Guest”